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1. 5 December Festivals Celebrated Around the World
What festivals are taking place this month around the world? Christmas, yes. Hanukkah, yes. Just those, you think? Well, there are quite a few other celebrations in December that don’t have to do with these two. Let's read on!

2. Zimbabweans March to Demand Mugabe's Downfall
Zimbabweans took to the streets of Harare on Saturday, November 18, 2017,as they danced and stomped on the streets, marching towards President Mugabe’s home to send their message across. Is this the end to President Mugabe's rule?

3. Marijuana Legalization in Canada
The legalization of Marijuana in Canada is set to commence in July 2018. While the current Canadian PM Trudeau is pushing to have this happen on the set date, many others are opposed to this and are asking, "What's the hurry?" Read on for more on this issue.

4. Current Events Newsletter
Description of the Current Events categories and details on how to sign up for the newsletter.

5. Amazon and Walmart to Deliver Packages into Homes
Amazon and Walmart are trying out a new service that will not only deliver ordered packages to your addresses, but directly inside your home. Will this work?

6. Marion Jones Confesses to Steroid Use
Olympic track star Marion Jones recently confessed to having taken steroids before the 2000 Olympic Games.

7. Whale meat becomes lunch and pet food in Japan
Despite worldwide ban on whaling, Japan has a glut of whale meat on the market

8. Unsolved Murder Is Still Unsolved After A Year
This article is about the Jaume murder case, which remains unsolved after a year, and whose anniversary was on July 4, 2002.

9. WikiLeaks and the US Espionage and Sedition Acts
Julian Assange has been apprehended and denied bail. In the midst of this, the continued release of sensitive documents identifying locations vital to the U.S. national security has again compromised its safety. Should he be prosecuted under these U.S. Acts?

10. How Screen Time Affects Your Sleep
Malaysian Flight 370 vanished while on its way to Beijing, China with 239 people aboard, and no one has answers as to why-or where it is.

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